Our Artists

Jason Naylor

This year we were so honored to have a special traveling artist from NYC! @jasonnaylor is an award winning artist who has murals all over! We are so lucky that we now have one of his murals in our backyard!

Jason finished his mural in the rain and snow and it didn’t stop him from creating these amazing bright colors! Jasons mission is to spread love and positivity around the globe !

Thank you @jasonnaylor for visiting our little town and giving us an experience we will never forget!

Anna Dugan

Anna is a Filipino American mural artist based in Salem, MA. She loves to create work that explores identity, growth, empowerment, and the power of community. Her work is most often influenced by the bright colors, warm island lifestyles, and vibrant people of her Filipino culture. You can follow or contact her on Instagram at @annadidathing

Alyssa Pine

Everyone meet @care.lys as a member of the family owned business!! Seacoast born & raised, Lys grew up in the restaurant industry, and is obsessed with all things food!! She was inspired by street art from her travels to Austin & San Diego to create a space in her hometown of Hampton that blurred the lines between art, food, and music!
🎨🎨🎨 A few fun facts.. Lys also loves plants, puppies & pizza hbu?! 🌱

Alex Edgerly

Illustrator, muralist, and designer
Newmarket, NH
Fun fact: I love to bake and have been making sourdough bread for a couple of years now. My sourdough starter is named Marlon Brandough🍞
Website: alexedgerly.com
IG: @alexedgerly
email: alexedgerlydesign@gmail.com

Carlie Shively

Carlie Shively fell in love with art as a kid and has been ever since. She See’s art as a “beautiful escape from reality to a world full of color & endless possibilities.” Carlie aspires to create artwork that spreads the love of God and that sparks life, joy, and inspiration.

Yenny Hernandez

Yenny is a Latinx award winning graphic designer and illustrator who is inspired by colorful palettes, community, and positivity. When not designing Yenny specializes in illustration, murals, lettering, and digital art. Based in Boston, Ma you can follow or contact her on instagram @yennycreate.

Heather Madison

Heather @spread_peace_creations was raised in a small town in Vermont, and now resides in Exeter, NH.
She enjoys creating bright beautiful art, whether it be painting, tie dye, or baking. She’s always willing to try something new.
✌❤PEACE and LOVE is her MUSE!! ❤✌

Katie Emmett

Katie Emmett Is an artist based in Dover NH,
And for contacting about art @kemmett_ for Insta and kemmett12@gmail.com for email

Kori Thomas

Quest Nine (Kori Thomas) is a traveling artist and muralist with a New England homebase. Her style was influenced by visionary artist Alex Grey, M.C. Escher, and Salvador Dali. She’s inspired by color theory in comics, graphic novels, and street art. Her passion for art developed while living in Detroit, Michigan for the majority of her 20’s. She aims to create art pieces that encourage people to stop and think, be present in the moment and feel human emotion. Her self expression has helped her through mental struggles and she hopes to shine a positive light on art therapy and mental health awareness.

Sadie Tupper

My names Sadie and I’m a freelance illustrator located in Amherst NH.
I love to take something normally creepy crawly and making them pretty. Bringing a new light on insects!
sadieatupper@hotmail.com are the best ways to reach me or to just say hello! #cheers

Cara Sullivan

Cara is a painter and muralist based in Amesbury, MA. She is passionate about sustainable living and spending time outside, and her current work is inspired by coastal New England and her home state of Maine. Cara believes in the deep healing power of art making and finding creative flow. You can follow or contact her on Instagram @carasullivanart